Snapchat Filters & Lenses

Snapchat Filters

The first time I made a Snapchat Filter was in September of 2016. I made it for my school, Roosevelt High School. The whole reason I made it is because I just wanted our school to have one. I saw that other schools had one, and thought that we should have one too. So I went on Snapchat’s website and figured out how to make one. The second one I made was in July of 2018. I was staying in Indian River, Michigan on vacation. I really just got bored and made one of the city.

Now the Snapchat Filters are a different story. My DECA chapter at school started on a marketing campaign for a restaurant called Bobcat Bonnies. They wanted me to make a Snapchat Filter for them. Since it was a restaurant it would have costed a lot of money to run a filter. At the time Snapchat just released Lens Studio which is a program that allows to create custom lenses. I pitched that idea to the owner of Bobcat Bonnies, and he offered to pay me for it. So I set off to make a Snapchat Lens for the first time. It was pretty challenging at first since I’ve never done 3D modeling before. But with enough Googling, and YouTube videos I picked up on it very quickly. I created a 3D model of their logo, and added animations and sound effects. The second one I made was for a charity football game our school was hosting that was apart of C.S Mott Children’s Hospital, Block out Cancer campaign. I knew it was for a good cause and would help spread word about the game. So I made one for the campaign.

Roosevelt High School

Indian River, Michigan

Bobcat Bonnies Lens

Block Out Cancer Lens