About Me

The Earliest I Can Remember

Every since I was a child, I would always question how technology works, and try to figure out to create something of my own. The furthest back I can remember about me and technology is when I was around 7 years old. I was in my Grandma’s trailer, and I simply hooked up the RCA Cables from her VCR to her TV. I was ecstatic.

Discovering the Computer

I can still recall the first time I was introduced to a computer. It was around Christmas time, in our cozy trailer home. My Dad had brought home a computer. It was your good old classic Dell computer, with the big box monitor. It was running Windows XP. My Dad had showed me Space Cadet 3D Pinball. I would play on that computer for hours.

Trial and Error

After moving to a new house, my parents decided to get a new computer. This time, the computer was running Windows 7. My Dad told me to not download anything on the computer, and to be careful on it. Well after begging my Dad if I could download a game called Minecraft, he agreed. The only problem was that Minecraft costed money, and 9 year old me didn’t have any. So I did a quick Google search on how to get Minecraft for free. I wasn’t aware that pirating was a thing at the time, so I didn’t think I was doing any harm. After many failed attempts, and downloading viruses, I finally did. I successfully download Minecraft V1.2.5. Only at the cost of our computer crashing week later.

My Very Own Computer

I think it was around 2011-2012, my friend’s dad worked as IT for a company. At his work they were throwing out old laptops. He asked me if I wanted one, and of course I said yes. It would the sharpest tool in the shed. The screen could barley stand up on it own, and it was pretty slow. It had company information on it, so they had to throw out the hard drive which deemed the computer useless. So my Dad bought a new hard drive, and installed Windows 7 on it. Finally there I was with a computer I could call mine. My computer skills quickly developed. I had no limits. For a countless number of hours I would watch YouTube tutorials on whatever my heart desired. I quickly picked up on diagnosing skills because I was always breaking something on my computer. I soon then created a YouTube channel of my own. I mostly showed how to download jailbreaks on Apple devices. I used my iPod Touch for this. I would get over 100 views on some videos, and that would encourage me to make more.

Technology at School

I was in the 6th grade. At school we would have electives, which weren’t really electives because we didn’t get to pick them. Every year we would have a Media Tech class for 1 marking period. In the 6th grade Media Tech class we just did simple photo shop which sparked my interest. We would change the color of pictures, and move thing from one image to the next. I went home the next after learning this and practiced, and actually became decent. In the 7th grade Media Tech was still the same, but I took another class called Technology. At first the class was awful, and I hated it. We learned how to type on the keyboard, the right way. See, I’ve never used home row when typing on the computer. My fingers were all over the place. When learning how to type properly, we would cover up our fingers, and type the entire hour. I picked up quickly and soon became one of the fastest students in the class. We then started to learn Microsoft Office. We typed Documents, Spreadsheets, and Presentations. I soon then loved the class, and was grateful for what I had learned. I was awarded the Technology Award in 7th grade, only one student was awarded this. This was a big motivation piece for me. It was something that kept me wanting to learn more. Then in the 8th grade we had S.T.E.M. – Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. Now that may sound intimidating, but I assure you it’s not. We were introduced to coding, specifically Python, HTML, and CSS. I had some experience with HTML from learning at home, but it wasn’t much. It was an online course, so I worked on it at home, and got really far. We had also learned Lego Mindstorms. We would put create Robots out of Legos and Motors. I also picked up on this very quickly. My teacher, and principal asked me if I would speak at the school board meeting to try to get more funding more for the S.T.E.M. Of course I said yes, and I was very excited to do this. At the school board meeting I talked about all the things I had learned in the class, and why I think it’s a good thing we’re learning it.

My First Website

After finishing the 8th grade, during summer time my friend’s Mom had asked me to if I would make a website for her Husband’s work. I was a little nervous at first because I’ve never done anything like it before. But I agreed and got to work. I used Yahoo Sitebuilder for some guidance and help. Yahoo Sitebuilder is a program used to help make websites. After about a month or 2 I finally made a website I was happy with. I was paid for it, and I was happy. This gave me a reason to pursue web design.

Going into High School

It wasn’t long after starting high school that my teachers discovered my computer skills. I was soon fixing laptops for teachers and students. There was an IT department at the school, but they were usually busy. Soon sophomore year came around and I signed up for the broadcasting class. I originally thought I would be producing video pieces just like what the class is for. But instead my teacher had told be about a radio show that used to exist but was never perused by anyone after the original host had graduated. It was called The Dotte Radio, and it wasn’t long until I took it under my wing. I started recording podcasts every week, and soon one of my close friends became my Co-Host. We finished with a successful year. Then Junior year we made it into an online radio station. We played music 24/7 and occasionally recorded podcasts. We got more in depth with our pieces, and brought on more guests. The school also got a new scoreboard which I was asked to make graphics and control it during the Football games. I made 3D animations, and made a card for every player. I still continue to do it, and will still do it even after I graduate. While all of this was going on, I was making websites, apps, and logos.


Well, now I am making websites, apps, and doing odd-jobs constantly. I no longer run my radio show since I graduated, but I still continue to work on the scoreboard. I can do just about anything with computers.