Hi, I'm Zack

This website is all about me.

What is this place?

Well if you’re here, than you’re probably
wondering what I do.

My name is Zachery Grew, better known as “That kid who does computer things.” I make websites, snapchat lenses, and everything in between.

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Things I’m known for

These are the things that people best know me for when working on a project.

They’re also some of my best qualities.

I’m cheap. Not in the sense that I’m a cheap person. My services are cheap. You will not find a better prices anywhere from anyone. That’s a GUARANTEE!


“Slow and steady always wins the race,” they say. But this isn’t a race. I try my hardest to make sure your project is done as soon as possible.


I’m a man of many trades, but I don’t know how to do everything. If I’m not sure about a project, I will still attempt it. If it is an utter failure, there is no charge at all.


I’m young, so I don’t have many responsibilites. Which means I’m able to work more on your project, and charge less.

My Work

See some of my work, and find out the story about how I started doing it.

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